Strive & Inspire Development Center


To Encourage, Grow, and Guide the Future


"Answering LIFE'S Big Questions"

When things get hard... Can someone help?
— Anonymous
What do I do after High School?
— Paul S.
What kinda support can I get if I have a kid now?
— Anonymous
To buy a car or house, what do I need to have?
— Marrissa M.
I don’t have money for school. So that means I cannot go
— Juan R.

A Future Full of Leaders



We believe here at The SID Center that it takes a team to get things done. Our job will be to motivate others to reach our hopes and dreams.

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Now responsibility. Being able to take advantage of your personal life and work life. We believe at The SID Center it takes a process to be able to lead and direct your life.

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With Encouragement, comes growth. We take learning very seriously. With six different teachings, we ensure that the best preparation to the next level is met.

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Now, to be able to get things done properly. You need the tools to govern it. These will be tools used to help you grow and be more successful in the future. We will provide that. 

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Today’s students.
Tomorrow’s leaders.

At The SID Center want to influence the lives of our students'. Whether that is in the group or outside of the group. We are equipping each and every person with the essential skills to prosper.