Belinda Davis


Hi!!  My name is Belinda Davis.  It’s nice to meet you!

     If you’re reading this, it may mean that you are thinking about  S I D  as a place of refuge and restoration; a place where you can find the help you need to get back into the mainstream of life.  Hopefully, as you read through this brief bio, you’ll see that my background and life experiences have made me especially fit to do this work for  S I D, and more importantly, for you!  

      Throughout my youth and early maturity, the Devil tried to silence me. He used those who I trusted and who were closest to me to keep me silent. The ‘Enemy’ already saw what God had placed in me, long before I was to discover it for myself! I found myself being abused physically and mentally by an unmedicated schizophrenic mom.  I was always made to feel not good enough; and that I should be ashamed of the things I had allowed to happen to me and that no one really wanted to hear what I had to say. I would find myself to be randomly or temporarily homeless and at the mercy of others.  

       All this humiliation, intimidation and abuse were beginning to have their way with me.  There was a season in my life where the Enemy’s voice was louder than God’s and where people’s opinions were more important than God’s.  I felt unworthy, useless and powerless. I had lost my voice.  BUT, then, God rescued and restore me and my voice. He worked beyond my past for my good and for His glory!!

        God showed me that my Spiritual Gifts do indeed connect me to my heart’s desire which is to see people the way God sees them; and that I am gifted to encourage them. I want people to want to know God, and His Word, and His awesome love for them.  I love to teach God’s Word to others to show them just how valuable they really are to both Him and me; and as I teach, my own learning continues, as learning is, after all, a never-ending process. My own life has created in me this strong desire and passion to love others all the more. It makes me want to be there for those who are hurting and feeling less-than everyday.  This passion drives me to show mercy towards those in bondage and being used by the Enemy to hurt themselves or others. I have the earnest desire to reach the youth and give them what I really needed at their age; to be there for the boy, girl, man or woman who feels unworthy or insecure. 

       I have the gift of Evangelism.  I love to share with others how God changed my life. I’m compelled to study and articulate to others what God has shown me in His Word. The desire I have for others to receive the salvation Jesus Christ has to offer is very strong.  God gives me the discernment needed to see openings or opportunities in conversations, whether they be small and intimate, or wide open out in the community.  where I can speak His Word without necessarily citing Chapter and Verse, but nonetheless make it relevant to the conversation and easy to apply in the world.



    I have the Gift of Shepherding    A shepherd is not necessarily a Pastor. It can be one who simply cares for a group of God’s people. God has allowed me to operate in this Gift by teaching Sunday School, New Members classes, Bible Study for women and children, leading the K-12 Girls Ministry; and by overseeing the small group ministry and leading a small group.  I preach, do conference speaking and host summits and fellowships.  

     I have the Gift of Mercy-Showing.  I am one who comforts  those who are hurting, but am joyful with those who celebrate. I have a compassionate heart and want to see people succeed despite the obstacles that they face in this life. I am often criticized for being too nice, but that is just who I am.  I really am a sweet and bubbly person who loves to hug and empathize with others.  This finds me, then, connecting with those who others have written off.  One should never mistake kindness for weakness. 

     I shall operate in these gifts, and others, to serve the Kingdom of God, and my SID clients.  I shall continue to seek God in prayer for the direction and vision that he has for me … and for you!   My personality is loving and caring and I love to see God’s people whole. I am a peacemaker and can tolerate what others may see as flaws in His people.  I will stand by you when you feel misunderstood and will compromise when I can to accommodate others. 

     My final word to you is that I hope you now understand that I am as equally equipped as I am approachable and dedicated.  My goal is to be there to do for you, answer your questions, or just talk. 

      My life experiences and my Faith have brought me here to serve God and assist you. I take these responsibilities very seriously. As I continue to experience life and grow with it, I will continue to allow it to shape me into what it has called me to do here at SID for His glory, and your restoration. 

I look forward to meeting and working with all of you.  To God be the Glory!