Community Stability

Everyone needs that someone to listen to, encourage, talk to, and cry to. Community gives 5 big important things; courage, hope, options, constructive feedback, and joy. Having a solid community of people who you can trust enough to be vulnerable and honest with is a foundational part of life.


Community Service

We believe in giving back to the World & our Community. We will encourage every student and mentor to dedicate some time to community service in

  1. Environment clean-ups

  2. Food Banks

  3. Organization events

  4. Ect.

As a student, you can use this time to log hours within your school or company


Staying active is the #1 Medicine there is! We will always try and do at least 1 (one) Active Event per week, which can either be

  1. Sports

  2. Jogging/Hiking

  3. Gym Sessions

  4. Ect.

Studies prove that only 1 out of 3 Adults receive adequate amount of physical activity per week. Lets raise that! 




Who said we cannot have a little fun? To celebrate all the things you guys are doing, we will be having special events throughout the year. A time to put aside work and school, and focus on friendships, community, and enjoying your time! Somethings we are planning to do

  1. Theme Parks

  2. Bowling/Skating

  3. Holiday Specials

  4. Ect.


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