Eduardo Escobedo

     As I look back to the day I was born I realize how life is a really exciting journey. I was born with a Mexican background where things can get a bit hectic. Thats just me being modest about it too. Our culture has mainly been about sticking together as family and going to school and get a good job. Which isn’t that different from other cultures. The biggest difference is our beliefs of the world which has definitely been a effect to me more than an affect. Having to go through all school years and graduate with a 2.2 gpa… Pretty good huh? Too say the least I’m not a fan of school because i believe it teaches us that we cant move on unless we pass a test. Throughout my teenage years was very dark. At one point having to sit in my room closed out from the rest of the world questioning wether it was worth continuing this so called life… “If it isn’t, is this really it? What I’ve done up until now?”… During this time I was praying to whatever was out there. Whatever created this so called “life”. Something in me was not happy with what was going on but wanted to breakthrough and do better. I set out to become the best me i could ever be without letting others do the thinking for me. Throughout this entire time my sister planted a seed in me of an incredible force i now know as, Jesus Christ. Ultimately is my Lord and Savior. The Son of God whom through him i got to know who God is. During the “dark ages” of my life a vision was planted in me. I knew i never wanted to trade my time for a dollar sign. I believe my life was meant for more. To make an impact in others lives. To leave a legacy for my last name, my future family. In 2014 i met incredible people who’ve have done amazing things as help other lives transform to great stories that leave a great impact in others. Which ultimately aligned with the vision God placed in me. Now i am in the position to do the same. I’ve gone through mentally and emotionally challenging experiences that we as humans go through. I love my parents, they’ve done their absolute best to teach me everything they know. But i realized that theres more out there. There's more to know. More to experience. 


    One of my biggest struggles in life today is, Believing in myself. Growing up i was bullied in school, I had family talk negative towards me that really left me feeling like i wasn’t worth much. Like i wasn’t enough. I struggled to achieve the things i wanted most in life because of the doubts and wrong beliefs i let those around me instill in me. It wasn’t till God blessed me with a great association to be around with in 2014. Where my entire life changed. I got myself around people who believed in a greater cause. Something bigger than themselves. They poured into me nothing but belief and love. Which is now my biggest dream in life. To bless others with whatever value i have. To one day have someone say “because of Eddy i decided to make my life better”. It is a huge blessing and responsibility to me to have a business where i can do that now and to be a part SID has me nothing less than grateful. To help build up our young adults into great leaders.