Education Stability

To make sure you get to the next grade without putting your grades in jeopardy, we have dedicated mentors willing to sit down and make sure you are comfortable doing school. Education gives us a knowledge of the world around us and changes it into something better. It develops us in a certain perspective of looking at life.

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Whether you need extra support in

  1. Math

  2. English

  3. Science

  4. Ect.

We have dedicated mentors that will go at your pace to make sure you understand your content.

College Transition

This is a tough process for most 18-19 year olds. A different school size, class size, and academically as well. But... Don't worry, our mentors at Strive & Inspire Development Center will walk you through how this process works including 

  1. College Applications

  2. Scholarships/Grants

  3. FAFSA (financial aid)

  4. Ect.

We won't stop there: Once accepted, we'll make sure you are 100% comfortable and seek to see if tutoring is an option for you.




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Law (Civil)

Whether you are still in school or not, you have to understand how the government works. From individual status all the way to governmental status. As a civilian, we have a duty to understand how our governmental system works. If not we are on the short in of the stick. To protect ourselves and the lives of our love ones, we need to seek understanding. Be the voice of the voiceless

  1. Law Enforcement

  2. Local Laws

  3. Hierarchy

  4. Voting