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Stability Teachings


- This role supports the administration department in your area. This will consist of supporting the Operations Mentor with day to day tasks, managing online applications, the mentee/mentor on-boarding, coordinating events, community outreach, and much more! If being on the back end excites you please fill out an application!


- As an Arts Mentor you’ll jump into the talents of singing, painting, music, drawing, photography, instruments, fashion, and much more! If you have a passion/interest in one or all of these please apply. LEARN MORE


- As an Education Mentor you’ll help with all aspects of education within High School and Higher Education. Activities such as tutoring on educational subjects, college transition, encouragement, and much more. Please apply if you believe education is important! LEARN MORE


- As a Financial Mentor you’ll educate on all aspect of financial stability. Such as budgeting, credit, importance of credit, money management, taxes and much more! If this interests you please apply. LEARN MORE


- As a Health Mentor you’ll educate in one or multiple categories; Physical Health, Nutritional Health, Sexual Health, and Mental Health. We believe in taking care of ourselves and passing on the knowledge, if you do too please apply! LEARN MORE


- As a Self-Indulgence Mentor you’ll work with young adults on personal growth. This includes building self-esteem, self-confidence, self-indulgence and much more. All about dialogue and accountability! If this is you we want you!


- As a Spirituality Mentor you will engage young adults into a more spiritual side of the world. This involves a more broad look into the bible and how we can live a better life in a more spiritual understanding! If you have a background or experience in Spirituality please apply!


- As a Support Mentor you’ll be a more direct support system to a mentee. You’ll work one-on-one with each of your students supporting them in their needs; such as personal topics, relationship building, behavior tactics, etc. If you are patient and understanding please apply.


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